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Panda Alüminyum is the only aluminium roller firm of Turkey, which is focused only on the best foil in the flat aluminium sector. It has been adding value to the flat aluminium rolling sector of Turkey by having this perspective in the sector since 2008.

Production in the two facilities in Ankara, Kazan one of which is an open one with the area of 30.000 m2 and the other one is enclosed with the capacity of 25.000 m2 has been continuing. Panda Alüminyum is one of the most important and dynamic corporations focused only on foil production. 30% of the aluminium foil requirement of Turkey is met by our firm and we export flat aluminium foil to 30 different countries, especially to the European market. Panda Alüminyum strengthens its position in the sector every passing day with its sustainable commercial relations and the production capacity and develops business partnership with many leading industrial institution.

Panda Alüminyum has maintained sustainable business partnerships with many sectors such as the packaging sector; durable consumer goods sector, automotive, cooling systems and industrial uses, etc.

It brings innovations in the sector with its employees more than 250 in the facility in Kazan district of Ankara. Believing that it can contribute to the development and objectives of our country through Research and Development studies, Panda Alüminyum continues its innovative studies to add new machine prototypes and alternative applications in different sectors by sparing a budget of 10 million Turkish Liras annually for research activities.