Sustainable Partner

Environment and Occupational Security Policies;

  • Providing trainings in order to create Occupational Security and Environment sensitivity and to support the sensitiveness,
  • Adapting the principle of remaining friend with the nature and environment while manufacturing,
  • Applying the high technology preventing occupational accidents and environment pollution and following all of the innovations in this regard,
  • Complying with all of the regulations regarding Environment and Occupational Security and Abiding by the requirements of concerning institutions,
  • Preventing the formation of occupational accidents, creating a working awareness among employees by minimising the risks
  • Including our employees in the team by maintaining the processes with Occupational Safety Specialist, Workplace Physician and Environment Engineers.

Social Responsibility Policies;

  • Implementing projects with schools providing trainings related to our activity field, providing internship opportunities to enable students to use the theoretical information they are equipped with practically,
  • Supporting successful students with scholarships, creating employment opportunities for successful students upon completion of their education,
  • Adapting the participation in every organization actualized for children that are the assurance of our future as the principle (Lösev etc.)

Quality Policies

  • Using all of our sources in the direction of customer satisfaction and requirements as Palma Alm. A.Ş. without compromising on the quality, taking preventive measures before failures happen,
  • Raising awareness of our staff in terms of our quality criteria and enabling production in accordance with this awareness,
  • Aiming at surpassing the sectoral quality standards at our firm targeting global development,
  • Contributing to the development of Aluminium sector in the Domestic and Global Market with our quality understanding as Panda Alm. A.Ş.

Information Security Policy;

  • Complying with all of the legal legislations and covenants concerning information security,
  • Managing risk which may emerge in our information assets systematically,
  • Providing trainings to develop technical and behavioural competences in order to raise Information Security awareness,
  • Our information security policy that is executed through the elements of Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility is under the guarantee of our firm and the firms we work with.

Energy Saving Policy;

  • Raising the awareness of the necessity of utilization of all of the sources in a productive way especially the natural gas and electricity at the entire firm,
  • Acting by taking the energy productivity into account for investments and service procurement,
  • Ensuring that the entire team participates by making continuous improvements in the existing energy productivity processes,
  • Ensuring production with the awareness that productivity in energy use is globally important.