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Durable Ore of the Nature

Aluminium is the most common element in the nature after oxygen and silicon. This useful substance which we come across in every part of our daily life is found in the nature as bauxite ore. And the reason why it has a very important role in the economy of the world is because it is a light and durable raw material. This is why it is utilized for the production of millions of products.

Why Aluminium?

This substance has many superior characteristics as well as being light and durable. Aluminium provides convenience both for users and producers due to its structural privileges such as being processed easily, non-oxidizing structure, a good heat and light conductor.

How is it produced?

Commercial production of aluminium, the miracle of the nature, goes back 100 years. The direct production of aluminium from its ore is very difficult because of its structure. Recycling and electrolysis methods were discovered for a more frequent use of this valuable element. High amounts of electricity energy is required for the techniques in question and this requirement brings the countries such as China, South Africa and New Zeeland where energy production is abundant.