Sustainable Partner

Research&Development budget of 2016 $ 2 million 

We maintain our Research&Development studies with our professional cadre consisting of 15 persons experienced in their fields and new talents as an innovative firm growing consistently. We continue to develop with our perspective open to innovations and proceed and test the pulse of the sector with the new experiences we are gaining. We observe the Customer-Sale-Production-Quality chain in every stage very closely and diligently in order to keep our Research&Development studies dynamic. This way, we try to designate the potential problems and improve our products and production processes persistently against possible problems. We always proceed with the aim of developing our products’ characteristics by collaborating with the leading universities and institutions of Turkey.



We have achieved our 6.35-micron aluminium foil production objective in thin lamination foil production which has become one of the biggest requirements in our era. With the Research&Development budget of 2 million dollars which we spared for 2016, we turned our objective into foil production below 6,35-micron foil. We are proceeding very fast for the sake of becoming the leading corporation in the lamination sector through the studies we implement.